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Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Block Access with SharePoint and OneDrive

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Last week we announced Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Block Access ( with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.  Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Block Access prevents the potential for overexposure of sensitive information by allowing a Tenant administrator to configure Data Loss Prevention Policies limiting how and with whom sensitive information can be shared. For example, if a document is determined to contain sensitive information, for example U.S. Financial Data, a DLP policy can prevent that information from being shared externally or with guests while providing real-time policy information to the user attempting to initiate the share. Users are presented with a Policy Tip when viewing information about the document in addition to the option to view the specific policy that limits sharing of the document. In addition, if the user attempts to share content that violates the policy configuration, they are notified at the time of sharing with a Policy Tip and link to additional information.

Configuring Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Block Access policies in the Security and Compliance Center

To configure Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Block Access policies browse to, and expand Data loss prevention. Under Data loss prevention select Policy. Select Create new policy to create a policy and choose from one of the available templates. Provide a Name and Optional description of the policy and click Next. Select one or more locations to protect and click Next. Under Policy settings select Detect when this content is shared: and choose With people outside of my organization and click Next. On the What do you want to do if we detect sensitive info? dialog select Restrict who can access to the content and override the policy and click Next. Optionally you can configure additional settings for the policy such as:

  • The ability to block specific people from accessing sensitive content that meets the criteria of the policy.
  • Allowing policy override with or without business justification.

Click Next to save the policy settings. On the Review your settings page, click Create to save and apply the policy.

Configuring Existing DLP Policies

In addition to the creation of new policies, a Tenant administrator can use Windows PowerShell to configure existing data loss prevention policies for block access. To update one or more existing policies, connect to Office 365 Security and Compliance Center PowerShell, refer to the Windows PowerShell example below:``` Get-DlpComplianceRule | Where-Object {$_.BlockAccess -eq ‘true’ -and $_.BlockAccessScope -ne ‘PerUser’ -and $_.AccessScope -eq ‘NotInOrganization’ -and $_.NotifyUser -ne ‘'} | Set-DLPComplianceRule -BlockAccessScope ‘PerUser’


To learn more about data loss preventions policies in Office 365 visit [Overview of data loss prevention policies]( at [](

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