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Taking forward back

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Wow! It’s amazing to look back and realize it’s been exactly 19 years since I first registered this domain. Way back then, Opera and Netscape Navigator were the browsers of choice and many of us were still listening to the beautiful hum of our modems - animated GIFs were the equivalent of styrofoam cups…unavoidable, and Windows XP was just a few months old…perhaps most surprisingly Nickleback was leading the Billboard 100 with “How you remind me”. All the while, Robert Nozick, American philosopher (Anarchy, State, and Utopia), died at 63.

Fast forward almost 2 decades and it’s amazing how both so much has changed and how so much has remained the same. JavaScript is cool, animated GIFs are all the rage, and despite bandwidth being a relative commodity, smaller is better.

Here’s to the next 19.

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