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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Search notes, verticals

Search notes, verticals

Search notes, verticals

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A search vertical only shows results of a certain type or from certain content. Examples are Files or News. By default, Microsoft Search shows the verticals All, People, Files, Sites, and News. You can add search verticals that are relevant to your organization that represent content indexed with one or more Microsoft Graph connectors.

Microsoft Graph connectors

The ‘All’ vertical contains high value entities to include, but not limited to:

  • Person
  • Photo
  • File (OneDrive) (ex. .xls(x), .ppt(x), .doc(s), .vsd, .txt, .pdf, etc.)
  • Connector (indexed with Microsoft Graph connectors)

In addition, a search endpoint, such as Outlook may serve entities specific to context, for example:

  • Calendar
  • Attachments
  • Mail

alongside entities such as Person.

*Entities are unique and well defined

*Results from third party systems are also included in the vertical under a ‘Results Cluster’

Connector results provided in the result cluster are derived from individual search verticals with connector content. Each search vertical provides a set of relevant results which becomes a candidate result cluster and the relevant results are chosen based on the “title” property and “content” property of each item. The results are grouped together based on the search vertical configuration.

A results cluster can be shown through explicit intent such as ‘people who know about Contoso’. In this scenario, a RC includes results from the People entity.

In addition to entities, Answers are also available under the All vertical, to include People, Acronyms, Bookmarks, Floorplans, Locations, and QnA.

Verticals are a useful means to reducing the results to the specific entity for which you’re searching.

Verticals are available when search is ‘Organizational’ (tenant-wide) scoped. Within SharePoint sites and OneDrive, results are scoped to the site or OneDrive and an upscope control is available for tenant-wide search.

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David Nelson

Thu, 21 Jul. 2022, 13:35 UTC

Can one create a custom vertical that only surfaces "Answers"?

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