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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Search notes, custom verticals and refiners

Search notes, custom verticals and refiners

Search notes, custom verticals and refiners

  Search Notes Microsoft Search Verticals Refiners Filters

This week we shipped custom verticals and refiners on SharePoint content worldwide.

Search verticals only show results of a certain type or from certain content. Examples are Files or News. By default, Microsoft Search shows the verticals All, People, Files, Sites, and News. You can add search verticals that are relevant to your organization that represent content indexed with one or more Microsoft Graph … keep reading.

Vertical and filter customization on SharePoint content allows a Microsoft Search administrator to edit out-of-the-box search verticals, such as Files, Sites, News, etc., and create custom verticals on SharePoint content at the organization and site levels (tenant-scoped and site-scoped respectively).

For example, you can add an ‘Author’ filter to Files vertical to refine the results by one or more authors or a ‘Modified’ filter to the News vertical to refine the results by date created or modified and sort ascending or descending.

In the past, this level of customization has been limited to 3P verticals (verticals based on 3rd party data index-time merged with Microsoft Graph connectors).

With this new feature, you can create custom verticals based on SharePoint content (I.e. sites). Perhaps your organization is a legal firm, using custom verticals and filters with SharePoint content, you can create a dedicated search vertical where users can search by location, case type, retainers, etc.

In addition to creating these verticals and related filters, search administrators can also curate a vertical to narrow down results based on dynamic information such as location, user profile, etc., using query variables. Assuming the law firm in the above example is a MNC, a search administrator can use query variables to show results based on the users’ location from their user profile.

Screenshot demonstrating a custom vertical in SharePoint

A final part of this feature includes the relocation of filters - instead of filters in the context region of the page (right rail), filters are now placed below their respective vertical.

Creating verticals and filters with SharePoint content

To create a custom vertical on SharePoint content, select Search & intelligence under Settings in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Screenshot showing the customizations option

In the Search & intelligence admin center, select Customizations, and then select Verticals. Click Add to add a new vertical and then click Next.

Screenshot showing the name vertical option

On the Name the vertical screen, provide a unique, meaningful name for the vertical and click Next.

Screenshot showing the select content source screen

On the Select a content source screen, select SharePoint and then click Next.

Screenshot showing the add a query screen

On the Add a query (Optional) screen, optionally add your query variable(s) using Keyword Query Language, for example:


marketing rese*

or perhaps a more complex file query such as:

  NOT (Title:OneNote_DeletedPages OR Title:OneNote_RecycleBin)
  AND NOT SecondaryFileExtension:onetoc2
  AND NOT FileExtension:vtt AND NOT ContentClass:ExternalLink
  AND NOT (ContentClass:STS_List_DocumentLibrary AND SiteTemplateId:21)
  AND NOT ((filetype:aspx OR filetype:htm OR filetype:html OR filetype:mhtml))
  AND isDocument:1
  OR (
        OR ContentTypeId:0x0120D520A808*
      OR (
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:avi
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:mpg
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:asf
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:mp4
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:ogg
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:ogv
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:webm
          OR SecondaryFileExtension:mov
    OR (
        OR FileType:bmp
        OR FileType:dib
        OR FileType:eps
        OR FileType:gif
        OR FileType:ico
        OR FileType:jpeg
        OR FileType:jpg
        OR FileType:odg
        OR FileType:png
        OR FileType:rle
        OR FileType:svg
        OR FileType:tiff
        OR FileType:webp
        OR FileType:wmf
        OR FileType:wpd
      OR (ContentTypeId:0x012000*)
    AND NOT (ContentTypeId:0x0101009D1CB255DA76424F860D91F20E6C4118* AND PromotedState:2)
    AND NOT Path:

Click Next.

Screenshot showing the filters screen

On the Select a property for your filter screen, choose a property to filter the results by and click Next.

Screenshot showing the review vertical settings screen

On the final screen, review the vertical settings, and then select Enable Vertical to publish the vertical.

The above steps will create a custom vertical that is tenant-scoped, meaning it will be available in SharePoint Home,, and Microsoft Bing (when signed in with a Work or school account).

In addition to tenant-scoped verticals, you can also create site-scoped verticals following a similar process as to that above under Site settings | Microsoft Search for your target site.


Manage Verticals

Manage Filters

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Keith Tuomi

Tue, 06 Jun. 2023, 20:46 UTC

Hi Bill, We could get this working on some site collections, but when adding to our root site the vertical doesn't seem to appear, even after a site re-index request and waiting 24H. Adding the cacheclear=true parameter reveals the vertical immediately. Is there something else that may be blocking it from appearing?

Jean-Paul van den Bogert

Thu, 23 Feb. 2023, 10:14 UTC

Got it working by removing the accolades and searchterm object. Also using SPSiteURL to restrict results from only that site. So this is basically the query that I fill into the vertical: SPSiteURL: OR SPSiteURL:

Jean-Paul van den Bogert

Wed, 22 Feb. 2023, 10:16 UTC

Hi Bill, Your example {Searchterms} {Path: OR Path:} Always shows "We couldn't find any results on this site for ******" I've tried using the text formatting in your complex query but with no avail. I'm trying to limit the News vertical on a homesite to only search in particular news sites. When I use a different vertical (with no query) I can find the news posts with no problem. Do you know why I can't get any results?

Bill Bär

Wed, 01 Jun. 2022, 15:18 UTC

Dirk, Is the question as to whether a filter can be localized or whether you can filter against a specific locale? Filters are based on refineable managed properties. Bill

Bill Bär

Wed, 01 Jun. 2022, 14:57 UTC

Roberto, To ignore a specific file type you could use a query variable such as ({searchterms})(NOT FileExtension docx). Bill


Wed, 01 Jun. 2022, 07:14 UTC

Thank you for the very good overview! I was wondering whether there are plans to have multiple languages for the filters. Thanks for your help! Dirk


Sat, 21 May. 2022, 03:10 UTC

Is it possible to ignore a specific file type?

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