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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Build Better Content Centric Apps with SharePoint Embedded

Build Better Content Centric Apps with SharePoint Embedded

Build Better Content Centric Apps with SharePoint Embedded

  SharePoint Embedded

Content is no longer a commodity, it is currency. Data is an invaluable asset for businesses. In 2006, Clive Humby - a British mathematician - coined the phrase “data is the new oil” about the availability of both resources: neither oil nor data is valuable in its raw state; rather, value is derived when it is gathered rapidly, completely, accurately and is connected to other relevant data - and this holds true 17 years later, content is the lifeblood of your organization. It carries the activities, interaction, and transactions of your business… and we’re creating more of it then ever.

Businesses around the world are managing ever greater amounts of documents as part of every core business process. Building apps to manage these documents is complicated, time consuming, expensive, and takes considerable time away from solving the actual business problem.

In fact, building a document centric application presents unique challenges. Businesses need to have a clear vision of technology trends and the adaptability to respond at speed and scale. Combining different technologies and architectures such as cloud technologies, infrastructure, security, compliance, service orientation, micro services, artificial intelligence (AI) and more takes time and effort.

Some of these challenges are the result of factors such as:

Content demands - content demands have grown exponentially and scaling content efficiently and cost effectively is challenging for mission critical applications requiring an isolated partition.

Integrations - comprehensive content management capabilities are challenging to integrate into bespoke applications and services.

Regulations - regulations make it mandatory for organizations to have a system that can help them meet various requirements imposed by the governing bodies, such as GDPR.

Manual process - Manual processes and aging solutions hinder collaboration, increases potential for errors, and slows time to value.

SharePoint Embedded is uniquely positioned to help address these factors and is the fastest way for developers to build and manage file and document centric apps that leverage the rich content platform services of Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Embedded handles all of this and dramatically simplifies and accelerates your file and document management roadmap. Developers can leverage the robust and secure document management features of Microsoft 365 without the need to build or maintain their own infrastructure. IT professionals can benefit from the centralized administration and governance of SharePoint Embedded, ensuring compliance and security across all applications that use it. In addition to delivering content-driven apps, you can also seamlessly integrate your enterprise data into the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience (available as private preview). Using SharePoint Embedded you have a powerful platform to personalize Copilot for Microsoft 365 with the intelligence of external services, apps, and data.

Nominate your company for the SharePoint Embedded custom copilot private preview.

SharePoint Embedded allows developers to use backend capabilities such as version, sharing, search, coauthoring retention, and sensitivity to content in custom apps enabling unique new app capabilities, dramatically accelerating the content management journey.

With SharePoint Embedded you can:

Develop and deliver your app within the Microsoft 365 trust boundary, whether you are an ISV or enterprise developer. ISV’s can optionally manage the content within customers’ tenancies versus building and managing their own storage repositories.

Leverage SharePoint backed content management capabilities such as versioning, permissioning, search (including Semantic Index), etc.

Integrate the advanced security and compliance capabilities available in Microsoft 365 such as auditing, eDiscovery, DLP, and more into your app.

Deliver the breadth of Microsoft 365 collaboration features (coauthoring, Office app integration, @mentions, presence, etc.) among your customers, users, and guest users for Office document types as part of your app.

SharePoint Embedded simplifies end to end app richness through a turnkey, API only solution, built on the foundation of SharePoint and is designed to allow you to seamlessly integrate these Microsoft 365 capabilities into their apps.

Whether you are planning to build deal room applications, shared research environments, contract management or adjacent, bespoke app experiences, SharePoint Embedded is designed to scale to your workloads and expected business outcomes.

You can get started with SharePoint Embedded today for free with Trial Container Types. Learn more at SharePoint Embedded Container Types | Microsoft Learn.


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