Bill Baer /bɛːr/

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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex

Kick off the new year with an offer from SharePoint Premium...

SharePoint Premium is the next evolution of Microsoft Syntex with an emphasis on advanced content management in Microsoft 365. Read the announcement at SharePoint Premium enriches, organizes, and secures content to improve Copilot experiences through services like document tagging to extract metadata from images and documents, manage and secure SharePoint sites and libraries, and protect and archive information across Microsoft 365, and more. To help you get started with pay-as-you-services as part of SharePoint Premium, a new promotional offer will be available on January 1st, 2024 that provides monthly free capacity for select SharePoint Premium services including:

A quick trip around taxonomy tagging

Taxonomy Tagging What is it? Taxonomy Tagging is one of the earlier content tagging features of SharePoint Syntex (alongside image tagging), later becoming Microsoft Syntex when it transitioned to the PAYG billing model and allows you to automatically tag documents in SharePoint libraries with terms configured in the term store. Terms are stored in a managed metadata column (also known as a taxonomy column) on the item, making the documents easier to search, sort, filter, and manage.

Understanding classifiers in Microsoft Syntex and Microsoft Purview

Every day, we use Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive to exchange important and/or sensitive information which can include financial reports and data, contracts, product information, sales reports and projections, competitive analysis, patent information, customer and employee information, etc. It’s easy to see that content is the lifeblood of an organization. BYOD (bring your own device) and remote work mean people can access their e-mail, chats, and files from just about anywhere, on any device, transforming these devices into repositories of information - and frequently it’s sensitive information that can be easily shared within and in some cases, outside of the organization.

What's new in Microsoft Syntex

New in Microsoft Syntex Changes to the SharePoint Syntex (per user license) On July 1st, 2023 the SharePoint Syntex license will be retired and shift to a pay-as-you-go model with Microsoft Syntex. Microsoft Syntex is the evolution of SharePoint Syntex, which takes many of the best capabilities from SharePoint Syntex, introduces new capabilties, and puts them into a single pay-as-you-go model. PAYG is a new way to pay for Microsoft Syntex using an Azure subscription which allows you to get started without a license commmitment or upfront pricing which provides more value and greater flexibility.
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