Bill Bär /bɛːr/

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Bill Bär /bɛːr/
Bill Bär is a Senior Product Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

PowerPoint Automation Services

PowerPoint Automation Services

Distributed Cache in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview

Overview The Distributed Cache service provides in-memory caching services to several features in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview. Some of the features that use the Distributed Cache service include: Newsfeeds Authentication OneNote client access Security Trimming Page load performance These features use the Distributed Cache for quick data retrieval. The Distributed Cache service stores data in memory and does not have a dependency on databases in SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview.

Introduction to PowerPoint Automation Services in SharePoint Server 2013

Introduction PowerPoint Automation Services is a new service application in SharePoint Server 2013 that provides automatic server-side conversion of PowerPoint Presentations from one format to another, for example, a PowerPoint Presentation in Open XML File Formar .pptx format can be converted into Portable Document Format (.pdf) for archival purposes, distribution to clients who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, or to protect the presentation from editing.

PowerPoint Automation Services supports conversion of Open XML File Format (.

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