Bill Baer /bɛːr/

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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

SharePoint Portal Server 2003

SharePoint Portal Server 2003

The SharePoint Journey

Microsoft Ignite will open the window to our vision, strategy, and future for SharePoint and provide a first look at most recent developments with SharePoint Server 2016. From the business value for organizations looking to modernize their workplace and infrastructure to the technical value it will deliver to IT Professionals and Developers as well as new hybrid investments for those customers looking to enrich their existing investments with cloud innovation. With Microsoft Ignite just around the corner, it’s time to look back and provide a little historical SharePoint information.

Document Encryption in SharePoint Portal Server

Does SharePoint Portal Server support document encryption? SharePoint Portal Server 2003/Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can be configured to leverage Rights Managenent Service (RMS) which allows for the encryption of documents through RMS policy each time a document is requested from a Document Library, the RMS policy will be applied to documents whether they are requested through the Office client, WebDav or FrontPage - RPC.

  • While SQL Server 2005 supports certificate-based encryption within the store, encryption will have to be manually implemented through stored procedures using the new SQL Server 2005 TSQL support and technologies for certificate management and encryption.
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