Bill Bär /bɛːr/

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Bill Bär /bɛːr/
Bill Bär is a Senior Product Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Office 365

Office 365

Ignite 2017 Pre-Day Training - SharePoint and Office 365 Hybrid Scenarios

Join myself, Neil Hodgkinson, Spence Harbar, Bob Fox, and other industry experts for a Microsoft Ignite pre-day training on implementing hybrid scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365. Cloud computing has become a popular way to reduce capital and operational expenditures, renew IT innovation, and gain the advantage of more rapid software delivery to meet the needs of business. However, compliance, data sovereignty, sensitivity concerns, or a significant investment in customization may limit your organization’s ability to take advantage of this.

Hybrid Scenarios with SharePoint and Office 365 Updates and Recap + Hybrid Taxonomy GA

Cross-posted from my post on the Microsoft Technical Community at Ubiquitous connectivity, the proliferation of devices – the rise of the cloud. The cloud has become mainstream and services such as Office 365 are an attractive alternative to on-premises business solutions with SharePoint. However, for a variety of reasons, you might want to or need to deploy specific solutions in the cloud while still maintaining your on-premises investments. For some organizations, you may wish to gradually move to cloud using a staged, workload-driven approach.

SharePoint IT…evolving?

The English philosopher Alan Watts once said “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”. A recent #CollabTalk topic was that of the changing role of SharePoint IT…as the cloud becomes mainstream, this conversation will inevitably thrive as a broader topic that transcends SharePoint. And while change may be to exist, opportunity continues to rise – the cloud has given way to capabilities previous impossible behind the firewall, from predictive analytics to machine learning, to infinite storage, and on-demand access to content and conversations.

One-Way Outbound Hybrid Search Step-by-Step and OneDrive for Business

Recently we introduced a number of new coexistence scenarios in Service Pack 1 including redirection of OneDrive for Business and Yammer. Redirection of OneDrive for Business enables IT to provision cloud storage for users OneDrive for Business document libraries; however, in a hybrid scenario the content in that storage should be discoverable both on-premises and online. The most common configuration to support OneDrive for Business redirection is an outbound search topology where users can return results from both on-premises and online within the on-premises search portal.

OneDrive for Business Redirection to Office 365 Overview

At the 2014 SharePoint Conference we announced the new OneDrive for Business SKU in addition to changes in Service Pack 1 functionality that enable IT administrators to selectively redirect their users to OneDrive for Business in Office 365 from SharePoint Server 2013. Planning The initial prerequisite steps to implementing OneDrive for Business redirection to Office 365 in Service Pack 1 is choosing the most effective identity management/federation options to suit your business needs.
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