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Bill Baer /bɛːr/
Bill Baer is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence and Microsoft Syntex at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

What's new in Microsoft Syntex

What's new in Microsoft Syntex

What's new in Microsoft Syntex

  Microsoft Syntex Licensing

New in Microsoft Syntex

Changes to the SharePoint Syntex (per user license)

On July 1st, 2023 the SharePoint Syntex license will be retired and shift to a pay-as-you-go model with Microsoft Syntex.

Microsoft Syntex is the evolution of SharePoint Syntex, which takes many of the best capabilities from SharePoint Syntex, introduces new capabilties, and puts them into a single pay-as-you-go model. PAYG is a new way to pay for Microsoft Syntex using an Azure subscription which allows you to get started without a license commmitment or upfront pricing which provides more value and greater flexibility.

SharePoint Syntex allows licensed users to:

  • Apply an unstructured document processing model to a library. (Unlicensed users can be granted access to a content center and can create models there, but can’t apply them to a document library.)
  • Create a structured document processing model or a freeform document processing model via the entry point in a library
  • Upload content to a library where a custom model has been applied
  • Run an unstructured document processing model on-demand
  • Create a modern template with content assembly
  • Generate a document from a modern template
  • Use of content query to search for metadata
  • Use of annotations to add notes and comments
  • Use of premium taxonomy services. (Premium taxonomy services comprise SKOS-based term set import, pushing enterprise content types to hub-associated sites, and term store reports.)
  • Use the document library rules to move or copy content

If you have existing SharePoint Syntex user licenses, users will continue to be able to use these capabilities through the duration of the license term.

Microsoft Syntex will expand on these capabilities with continued innovation, in addition, more Syntex value will become available broadly across Microsoft E3 and E5 to include:

Content query – to help you filter large libraries with custom metadata in a form-based interface.

Universal annotation – adding ink, comments, @mentions and more to any of the 300+ many additional file types (more than just Office) supported by our file viewer

Accelerators – easily applied solution templates for common scenarios like contract management and accounts payable.

Taxonomy services – admin reporting on term set usage and easy import from SKOS-formatted taxonomies.

Rules – lightweight automation for common operations like file alerts, copies and moves.

This expansion will allow a broader set of customers to take advantge of advanced content services and establish practices and process to adopt Microsoft Syntex services.


Pricing for pay-as-you-go with Microsoft Syntex

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