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Bill Bär /bɛːr/
Bill Bär is a Senior Product Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for Microsoft Search, Assistant, and Intelligence at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1

Yammer Redirection in SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1

In previous articles I discussed redirecting OneDrive for Business to Office 365 in SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1. In addition to new functionality that allows IT administrators to redirect OneDrive for Business and Sites pages to Office 365, Service Pack 1 also allows IT administrators to activate Yammer as the default social experience for SharePoint Server 2013. When activated, the Newsfeed link in the navigation bar is replaced with a Yammer link that directs users to the organizations’ Yammer network.

Service Pack for SharePoint Server 2013 1 Recalled [Updated]

Service Pack 1 update is now available. Refer to the information below to acquire the updated Service Pack for your product: NOTE For a list of previously published KB’s refer to the recall information in the original post below. Product KB SharePoint Foundation SharePoint Server Project Server SharePoint Server Language Pack SharePoint Foundation Language Pack Office Web Apps Server Customers with Service Pack 1 Deployed

What's new in the User Profile Service Application

The User Profile Service Application stores information about users in a centralized location used by SharePoint’s social computing features to support natural collaboration. The User Profile Service Application is also required when provisioning My Site personal sites, enabling certain social computing features such as newsfeeds, and the creation and distribution of user profiles across server farms or sites. To learn more about the User Profile Service Application see also

Site Recycle Bin (Service Pack 1 and CodePlex) FAQs

Do I need to uninstall the Site Recycle Bin from CodePlex if I plan to use the Site Recycle Bin in Service Pack 1? It depends on what you’re looking for. The Site Recycle Bin available through CodePlex will capture deleted Site Collections and Sites to disk, Site Recycle Bin in Service Pack 1 copies the Site Collections and Sites to an auxiliary SQL table until they are permanently deleted at which point are managed by Gradual Site Deletion.

Service Pack 1 Move-SPSite w/ 'shallow copy'

Service Pack 1 introduces a new method of moving Site Collections between Content Databases where RBS is used known as ‘shallow copy’. Overview What is ‘shallow copy’? ‘Shallow copy’ refers to moving structured content without moving the underlying unstructured content. With SharePoint 2010 Products ‘shallow copy’ moves the structured Site Collection data across Content Databases without moving the unstructured data which is comprised of user created content such as PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, etc.

Service Pack 1 - Site Recycle Bin

Site Recycle Bin Service Pack 1 introduces long awaited Site Recycle Bin functionality that enables self-service recovery of site collections and sites. In the past IT Professionals were tasked with restoring entire databases to recover deleted site collections and sites and would generally require expensive restore environments to support the task. Now in Service Pack 1 administrators can quickly and easily recover site collections and sites accidentally deleted by their owners in a process similar to that of the Recycle Bin we have for Lists, Libraries, and Documents.

Service Pack 1 - Storage Metrics (StorMan.aspx)

In SharePoint 2010 we removed StorMan.aspx (Storage Space Allocation) (see which in previous versions of SharePoint enabled granular management and insight into storage. For example, the page would show you the top 100 documents or document libraries in terms of size. With that information end users could the page to clean up content from their site(s) by deleting the large content that they no longer needed. In Service Pack 1 we are bringing back an improved StorMan.

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 Products

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 Products is now available for download. SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1 for Server Language Pack 2010 SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack To learn more about what’s new in Service Pack read the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 whitepaper at
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