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Still haven’t registered for SharePoint Conference 2014?

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| Hybrid SharePoint Conference SharePoint Conference 2014

If NLB, UPA, MMS, MDS, DEC, AAM, FIM, AAG, RBS, ALM, ECT, KPI, WIF, ACE, ACL, BDC, ULS, OWA, ECS, LOB, SID, SPN, SSO, UDF, DAV, SQL mean anything to you you’ll want to be at SPC.

Ever want to know why your provider hosted app keeps throwing a 401 when accessing SharePoint content?

Want to know how to use MFA with SharePoint 2013?

Sure you can delete something, curious on how to expunge it?

Need to federate applications with Office 365 using Windows Azure active directory?

Building a Virtual Network in Windows Azure IaaS, don’t leave without know this first…

High availability, disaster recover, both?  Measure twice, cut once…

So what is a Data Element Cache anyway?

SharePoint Conference is more than just deploying and upgrading, it’s operating, maintaining, and building the right topologies to ensure long term success and prevent future problems, it’s about bringing the technologies that SharePoint requires to you in breadth and depth

The 2014 SharePoint Conference is not one to miss!  Register today.

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